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In this Information Age, your data is your asset and at Max Distro LLC, you can rest assured it’s in good hands!

Don’t let any technical nitty-gritty overwhelm you, let our experts configure a database for your website. Our competence doesn’t end here – Our very able DBAs can optimize your database, carry out performance monitoring and tuning, develop database backup, mirroring and recovery plans, even manage your database across any database platform or operating system.

Eliminate the administrative burden of database management so you can stay focused on your core business activities that you’re good at, while we take-on what we’re good at!

Our services include:

  • custom database development using Oracle / MS SQL / MySQL / DB/2 / MS Access / Dbase
  • implementation support
  • database customization, report development and other enhancements
  • database management
  • database administration
  • trouble shooting
  • performance monitoring
  • capacity building
  • back-up and recovery
  • security

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